Activates a license key over the internet.

void ActivateLicense (string webServiceUrl, string activationKey, 
                      string computerID, string computerName,
                      string qlmVersion, string userData1, out string response)


webServiceUrlstringURL to the QLM License Server.
activationKeystringThe license key to activate
computerIDstringThe unique computer identifier
computerNamestringThe name of the computer. This argument is not required but recommended.
qlmVersionstringThe version of the QLM Engine
userData1stringUser data to associate with the license key
responsestringXML fragment containing the result of the call.

Response XML format

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<userCompany>My Company</userCompany>
<userFullName>John Smith</userFullName>
<userEmail>[email protected]</userEmail>

Example error response

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<error>Details about the error</error>


You must call DefineProduct before calling this function.


private void ActivateLicense(string activationKey, ref string licenseMessage)
     string computerID = Environment.MachineName;
     bool needsActivation = false;
     string returnMsg = string.Empty;

     if (lv.ValidateLicense (activationKey, string.Empty, ref computerID, ELicenseBinding.ComputerName, ref needsActivation, ref returnMsg) == false)

         if (lv.WrongProductVersion || lv.EvaluationExpired || needsActivation )
             string response;
             lv.QlmLicenseObject.ActivateLicense(string.Empty, activationKey, computerID, Environment.MachineName, "5.0.00", string.Empty, out response);

             ILicenseInfo li = new LicenseInfo();
             string message = string.Empty;
             if (lv.QlmLicenseObject.ParseResults(response, ref li, ref message))
                 lv.QlmLicenseObject.StoreKeys(activationKey, li.ComputerKey);