Initiates the process of activating a license by authorization code.

If the server identifies a license key that corresponds to the user, an Authorization Code is generated and emailed to the user. The client application must then call ActivateKeyByAuthorizationCodeHttp

To invoke this method via a URL, append this function's name to the URL of the QLM License Server and add the required arguments.

http://yourserver/yourvirtualdirectory/qlmservice.asmx/RequestAuthorizationCodeForActivationHttp?is_email=[email address]&is_pcid=[computer ID]&is_productid=[product id]&is_majorversion=[major version]&is_minorverson=[minor version]


is_emailemail address of the customer associated to the license key.
is_majorversionthe major version of the product
is_minorversionthe minor version of the product
is_pcidif the license has never been validated, you need to specify a computer identifier so that the returned computer key can be bound to this specific computer. A computer ID can be the name of the computer or any other unique identifier of your choice.
is_productidID of the product
is_ppProduct Properties to set