Enables the maintenance plan for a given activation key.

To invoke this method via a URL, append this function's name to the URL of the QLM License Server and add the required arguments.



is_vendorone of the supported vendors
is_avkeyactivation key
is_maintplanflag to determine if the maintenance plan should be extended. If this argument is specified , the maintenance plan is extended.
is_maintdatedate at which the new maintenance plan should expire
is_maintdurationnumber of days by which to extend the maintenance plan as of today
is_userusername defined in Manage Keys / 3rd Party Extensions.
is_pwdpassword defined in Manage Keys / 3rd Party Extensions.


If neither is_maintdate nor is_mainduration are specified, the maintenance plan is extended based on the maintenancePlanPeriodInDays settings in the QLM License Server config file (web.config). The default value of maintenancePlanPeriodInDays is 365 days.

If is_maintdate and is_maintduration are both specified, is_maintdate takes precedence.

The format of the date in is_maintdate is based on the dateFormat settings in the License Server config file (web.config). The default format is: YYYY-MM-dd.

When invoking this method from an eCommerce provider, you can customize the url arguments for is_avkey and is_maintplan. Customization of these arguments requires subclassing of the eCommerce provider classes. For more details, contact us.