No Error0No Error
RequestBlocked_TimeDifferenceWithServer2A method call failed because the time between the server and the client exceeds the allowed threshold (10 minutes)
RequestBlocked_IpRestriction3A method call failed because of IP restrictions configured in the Server Properties
RequestBlocked_FailedToDecrypt4A method call failed because QLM failed to decrypt the data
RequestBlocked_InvalidFormat5A method call failed because the encrypted data was not in the expected format
RequestBlocked_EmptyData6A method call failed because the data sent to the server was empty.
RequestBlocked_OperationDisabled7A method call failed because the operation was disabled in the License server security settings
RequestBlocked_AuthenticationError8A method call failed because the authentication verification failed
ConnectionToServer_Error100A connection to the server failed - generic error
ConnectionToServer_Failed101Failed to connect to the license server
ConnectionToServer_TimeDifferenceExceedsThreshold102The time between the server and the client exceeds the allowed threshold (24 hours)
ConnectionToServer_MaxDaysOfflineExceeded103The MaxDaysOffline was exceeded
License_Error200Generic license error
License_Revoked201The license key is revoked
License_Illegal202The license key is illegal
License_NotFound203The license key was not found on the server
License_NoProduct204No product associated with this license was found
License_NotValid205The license key is not valid
License_NotProvided206The license key was not provided
License_AlreadyActivatedOnAnotherSystem207The license key is already activated on another system
License_MissingArgument208A required argument is missing
License_Expired209The license has expired
License_NoMoreActivations210No more activations are available
License_ActivationKeyForWrongVersion211The activation key is for another version than the one the user is running
License_ExceededMaxReleases212The maximum number of allowed deactivations was reached
License_ExceededNumberOfTrialLicensesPerClient213Exceeded the number of trial licenses allowed per client
License_ExceededMaxActivationsPerSystem214Exceeded the maximum number of activations per system
License_FailedToSign215Failed to digitally sign an XML fragment using the RSA keys
License_Release_NotActivated216Failed to release a license because it was not activated
License_Release_ActivatedOnAnotherSystem217Failed to release a license because it is activated on another system
License_ProductNotFound218No product was found that matches the provided activation key
License_NotActivatedOnServer219The activation key was not activated on the server for the given computer
License_ActivationKeyForWrongProduct220The activation key is for another product
License_Delete_Failed221The delete request failed
License_Product_Save_Failed222The product was not saved on the server due to a conflict
License_ActivationOnSameDevice_InProgress223An activation on the same device is already in progress
License_WrongDeactivationVerificationCode224The provided deactivation verification code is wrong
License_ComputerKeyMismatch225The client's ComputerKey does not match the server's ComputerKey
License_ActivationCountDecremented_Ok226The activation count was decremented successfully
License_ActivationCountDecremented_Failed227The activation count could not be decremented
License_Release_Failed_OfflineUsage228Failed to release a license because it was checked out for offline usage and it has not expired yet
License_Exists_Already229The specified license key exists already
Customer_Error1900A generic error related to an operation involving the customer record
Customer_Exists1901Cannot add a customer that already exists
Customer_Add_Error1902Failed to add a new customer
Customer_Cannot_Update_Builtin_Customer1903Cannot update the built-in None customer
Customer_NotFound1904The customer was not found
Customer_Organization_Error_Adding1905Error adding a customer organization
Customer_Organization_Error_Updating1906Error updating a customer organization
Customer_Organization_Error_Deleting1907Error deleting a customer organization
Customer_Organization_Error_Retrieving1908Error retrieving a customer organization
DB_Connection_Failed2000The connection to the DB failed
DB_Schema_Upgrade_Error2001Error when upgrading the DB schema
DB_SQL_Query_Error2002Error executing a SQL query
DB_InsertError2003Error inserting a record in a table
Email_Error2100Failed to send an email
Sms_Error_NotConfigured2101SMS messaging is not configured
Sms_Error_Sending2102SMS messaging - error sending a message
ProductProperties_Error2200Generic product property error
ProductProperties_NotFound2201No product properties were found for the given key
UnknownError3000Unknown error
Qlm_License_Error3100Errors related to licensing of QLM itself