Address1Order ID associated with the license
Address2Subscription ID associated with the license
CityUser data associated with the license
CompanyCustomer's company name
CountryCustomer's country
CreatedByAffiliateUser Group associated with the customer
CreationDateDate at which the customer was created
CustomerIDCustomer's unique ID
EmailCustomer's Email address
ExternalIDExternal User ID associated with the customer
FaxCustomer's fax number
FullNameFull customer name (First name + Last name)
IncludeInMailListFlag to indicate if the customer should be included in email notifications
IpAddressCustomer's IP Address (obsolete)
MobileCustomer's mobile phone number
ModifiedDateDate at which the customer information was last updated
NotesNotes to associate with the customer
OrganizationIDID of the organization associated with the customer
PhoneCustomer's phone number
PrivacyConsentFlag indicating if the customer agreed/disagreed to the privacy consent policy
PrivacyConsentLastUpdateDate at which the customer agreed to the privacy consent policy
StateCustomer's state
UserDataUser Data associated with the customer
ZipCustomer's zip code