After initializing the QlmFloatingLicenseHelper by calling the Init function, you must call the Load method to load the floating license database and validate the license.

bool Load(out bool reRegisterLicense, out bool reRegisterDb, 
          out bool isOffline, out bool wasOffline,
          out QlmActivationStatus activationStatus, out string errorMessage, 
          out string offlineError)


reRegisterLicenseboolreturn flag indicating the license must be reactivated
reRegisterDbboolreturn flag indicating the floating license DB must be re-registered
isOfflineboolreturn flag indicating the system is offline
wasOfflineboolreturn flag indicating the system was offline but is currently online
activationStatusQlmActivationStatusreturn flag indicating the current activation status
errorMessagestringreturn error message if there was an error during the validation
offlineErrorstringreturn error message if there was an error related to the offline mode


booltrue if the operation was successful; otherwise, false.