Registers an installation with the server. You should call this function once when your application is installed. You should store the returned installID in your application's settings and reuse it on subsequent calls to the QlmAnalytics API.

Note that to call this function, you must initialize the QlmAnalytics object with the following properties:

  • WebServiceUrl
  • CommunicationEncryptionKey
  • GUID (persistence key)
bool AddInstall(string softwareVersion, string osVersion, 
                string computerName, string computerID, 
                string activationKey, string computerKey, 
                bool trial, string productName, 
                int majorVersion, int minorVersion, 
                ref string installID)


softwareVersionstringversion of your software
osVersionstringversion of the operating system
computerNamestringname of the computer.
computerIDstringunique computer identifier
activationKeystringactivation key on the system
computerKeystringcomputer key associated with the system
trialboolflag indicating if the license is a trial
productNamestringname of your product
majorVersionintmajor version of your product
minorVersionintminor version of your product
installIDstringretuned unique install identifier


Booleantrue if the operation was successful; otherwise, false.