Validates a computer-bound license key.

string ValidateLicenseEx2 (string LicenseKey, string ComputerID, 
                           bool skipWrites, bool skipExpiryValidation)


NameData TypeDescription
computerKeystringcomputer-bound license key
computerIDstringcomputer identifier
skipWritesboolDo not write any data on the end user system. Should be set to false in most cases.
skipExpiryValidationboolDo not check for expiry of the license. Should be set to false in most cases.


Data TypeDescription
stringError message if validation fails


Prior to calling this function, you must:

You can call this function for any type of license key. If the license key is not computer-bound, set the ComputerID to an empty string.

After calling this function, call GetStatus to get the status of the call.