Behavior Properties

License Wizard Behavior Properties

QlmCloseFormOnFinishAutomatically close the form when the user clicks the Finish or Cancel button.
QlmExeWrapperRunWithElevatedPrivilegesThis property applies to EXE protection. When launching the wrapped executable, request elevated privileges. This is typically required if the wrapped executable is a setup program.
QlmExeWrapperShowWizardBeforeExpiryThis property applies to Document or EXE Protection. When using a trial or subscription license, display the QLM License Wizard x days before expiry. Set the value to -1 to always display the wizard. Set the value to the number of days prior to expiry when the wizard should start to be displayed.
QlmExitProcessAfterInstallDuring a check for updates, exit the process after the user clicks the Install button.