Gets the location of the floating license database (or xml file). The location can be published to the License Server by calling the PublishFloatingLicenseLocation method.

In order to ensure that a user has not duplicated the floating license database, you can call PublishFloatingLicenseLocation to set the location of the floating license database when it is initially registered.

Subsequently, when your application starts up, you can call GetFloatingLicenseLocation and compare the registered location with the real location of the database.

Note: this functionality requires a connection to the License Server. You should call the QlmLicense.PingEx method before calling PublishFloatingLicenseLocation to verify if you can connect to the License Server.

QlmActivationStatus GetFloatingLicenseLocation(string webServiceUrl,
                                               out string location,
                                               out string errorMessage)


webServiceUrlstringURL to the QLM License Server.
locationstringPath of the floating license DB
errorMessagestringreturned error message


QlmActivationStatusstatus of the license activation