Creates a non-computer-bound license key.

string CreateLicenseKey (System.DateTime expiryDate, int expiryDuration)
 _bstr_t CreateLicenseKey (DATE ExpiryDate, int ExpiryDuration)


NameData TypeDescription
expiryDateDateTimeThe date when the license will expire. Use DateTime.MinValue if you do not want to specify an expiry date.
expiryDurationintThe duration of the evaluation/subscription period is in days. Use -1 if you do not want to specify a duration.


stringthe deactivation verification code


If the expiryDate is NULL and the ExpiryDuration is -1, the license key is a permanent non-evaluation license key.

Prior to calling this function, you must call DefineProduct and set the PrivateKey property. Note that including the PrivateKey in your code is not recommended. Creation of license keys should never be done from within the application but rather from a server that the user does not have access to.