Adds a new user.

 bool AddUserEx2(string webServiceUrl, 
                 IQlmCustomerInfo customerInfo, 
                 bool updateIfExists, 
                 string response);


webServiceUrlstringURL to the QLM License Server
customerInfoIQlmCustomerInfocustomer to add
updateIfExistsboolupdate the customer information if the customer already exists
responsestringXML fragment containing the result of the call. The Xml fragment schema is as follows:


boolReturns true if the user was added. If the user was not added because of an error or because the user already exists and updateIfExists is false, the response contains details about the error. You can use QlmLicense.ParseResults to get details about the error.

Response XML format

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<result>Customer ABC was added successfully.".</result>

Example error response

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<error>Details about the error</error>


Use ParseResults to interpret the results of the call and load the returned data into an ILicenseInfo object.

QlmCustomerInfo ci = new QlmCustomerInfo();

ci.FullName = "John Smith";
ci.Email = "[email protected]";
ci.Phone = "514-344-4483";
ci.Fax = "514-344-4484";
ci.Mobile = "514-344-4484";
ci.Company = "Soraco";
ci.Address1 = "123 Soraco Road";
ci.Address2 = "Suite 123";
ci.City = "Montreal";
ci.State = "Quebec";
ci.Zip = "H5X 3X6";
ci.Country = "Canada";
ci.IncludeInMailList = true;
ci.ExternalID = "01234";
ci.UserData1 = "MyUserData";
ci.Notes = "My Notes";
ci.LoginName = "jsmith";

string response;

lv.QlmLicenseObject.AddUserEx2(string.Empty, ci, true, out response);
ILicenseInfo li = new LicenseInfo();
string message = string.Empty;
if (lv.QlmLicenseObject.ParseResults(response, ref li, ref message))
  // success
  // error