Updates information of a registered installation on the server.

To invoke this method via a URL, append this function's name to the URL of the QLM License Server and add the required arguments.

http://yourserver/yourvirtualdirectory/qlmservice.asmx/AnalyticsUpdateInstallHttp?is_installid =[Install ID]&is_osversion=Windows 7&...


is_installidID of the installation returned by the call to AnalyticsAddInstallHttp
is_swversionversion of your software
is_osversionversion of the operating system
is_computer_namename of the computer.
is_computerIDunique computer identifier
is_avkeyactivation key on the system
is_pckeycomputer key associated with the system
is_trialflag indicating if the license is a trial
is_productnamename of your product
is_majorversionmajor version of your product
is_minorversionminor version of your product
is_customdata1your own custom data
is_customdata2your own custom data
is_customdata3your own custom data